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Episode 2

Wayne Eldred interviews Brian Barakat of Barakat Law who has just assumed the duties of Chairman of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. The discussion covers a broad range of topics from the importance of having a mentor in school and in a profession, of being a mentor to others, plus how to overcome crushing moments in business and life in general. They delve into sacrifices that one makes in business and within families to reach certain goals. Brian talks about how he got involved with the Chamber and how it has affected his business and community activities including his involvement in the Boy Scouts.

Episode 1

Navigating the Perils in Hospitality – A COVID-19 Perspective.

Michelle Baur of American Express interviews Ron Jakubisin of Ronald Jakubisin & Associates Marketing and Wayne Eldred of Outliers Institute about how COVID-19 is affecting the hospitality industry and how to best tackle the issues the pandemic poses for business.  The discussion covers the many challenges restaurants, hotels and attractions are facing from safety concerns and perceptions by customers, to how to reposition and attract new business and make up lost sales. The panel discusses current issues, provides practical insights and insider details for solutions and best practices on how the industry can proactively change and engage with customers to re-build business in the new COVID-19 environment.

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